Thank you 2014 Sponsors

2014 sponsorsI can not believe that in a few short weeks 2014 will be over, I remember it starting and the rough time I had starting out but I could not have predicted how beautiful the rest of the year was going to be. I have been so fortunate this year, I have had a very blessed year working with so many people. I am grateful to all the messages of support both on the blog and offline it’s been incredible. Today’s post is dedicated to the wonderful sponsors who have helped this blog grow from strength to strength, I appreciate you giving my blog a chance to showcase your products and/or attend your events.

January to April 2014Taj Aloe Vera drinks

Taj Food –  TAJ Foods Ltd is the UK and Europe’s leading Ethnic Frozen Food Brand within the Branded FMCG Food Market. We provide quality, effortless & innovative products to generations globally. I love the Aloe Vera drinks, I still drink them to this day (obviously not the bottles above and not necessary Taj food ones.

May to August 2014

imageKarri Case –  ‘Your Phone’s back post’. I love how strong these stick-on back pocket cases are, mine is still on. You can get your own karri case from there website ‘getkarri’.

imageJU5P – I loved the jewellery I purchased from this little boutique, I love supporting our small companies. They have revamped and have more accessories in store, you can find out more on there website 5MAX.

20140729-212817-77297138.jpgBetty Hula – We strive to develop soothing , luxurious affordable products that leave your skin feeling nourished, revitalised and silky smooth to the touch. Using only the finest natural, ingredients, we’ve laced these delectable and innocent skin-nurturing products with fragrant and exotic scents of the tropics. I love their body lotions ever since Love Me Beauty introduced me to them. You can find out more about Betty or buy there products HERE.

September to November 2014.

IMG_0381.JPGSkin Secret – Though the Derma Roller looks scary its actually not, it works wonders and recommend it to all. The serum is wonderful and though I am a self claimer non-serum user this has converted me. You can purchase your own from amazon here.

IMG_0491.JPGSnapfish –  Snapfish is a leading online photo service with more than 90 million members and one billion unique photos stored online,you can visit snapfish and order your own personalised calendars.

case happyCase Happy – Founded in 2011, we may be a young company, but we have big ambitions. Through our love of the Amazon Kindle and the vast array of cases, covers and accessories available on the market, we thought it would be a great idea to select a range of fantastic products all under one roof. Having bought cases in the past that we have not been happy with, we only choose to stock the best quality, most up-to-date cases available, whilst keeping our prices competitive and our customers HAPPY! You can purchase a cover like mine HERE.

IMG_0467-0.JPGRevel Sol – We’re equally passionate about technology and, well, passion. And we’re deeply committed to promoting positive messages around the globe about sexual well-being. We believe sexual well-being is core to health and happiness. We are committed to developing new technologies to improve sexual experiences and promoting positive thinking about sexuality. We hope that our work will significantly improve the lives of people around the world. You can purchase your very own Revel Sol Sonic Vibrator HERE and as I have mentioned in my post you can use is as a massager too.

As it’s that time of good will(well it is all the time), Revel Sol have partnered with The Eve Appeal to support in their campaign about female cancers. I think this is a wonderful cause and if you would like to hear more please click the PRESS Release document. Also note that Revel sol are donating £1 to every purchase made from their website. Please support this wonderful cause. “a recent US survey found that women who use vibrators are significantly more likely to have gynaecological examinations and perform self-checks than those who never used vibrators”

Scent_Shot_General_SHRSheridan Event – Thank you Sheridan for inviting me to your Press event, this was a highlight for the month of November.

myrabev-signature**PS – sponsors of TML (The Myrabev Life) will be featured/named on the TML**