{Fashion Monday} April Fashion Favourites 

Happy May Bank Holiday Monday to my UK friends, as I am off exploring Seoul, South Korea I thought I share my April Fashion Favourites. Since starting these types of posts last year November 2015 I have been enjoying giving you all a recap of some of the Fashion ideas I shared in the ended month, if you missed the March Fashion Favourites post go check it out and come back to read the April Fashion Favourites.

April fashion favourites

As I have previously mentioned, the Fashion favorites posts are not necessary the posts you my lovely readers have loved, it is a list of Fashion posts I shared in the ended month. But to be fair, the fashion posts I share are one of the most loved ‘viewed’ posts on the blog seconded by the travel posts but anyway I digress.

April Fashion Favourites

Chill with Maud – I recently visited Oslo, Norway and whilst there I had a chance to ‘chill is queen Maud’ of Norway’s statute. The weather was lovely and as my fellow Brits would appreciate we crave the sunny weather wherever we can get it and for me Norway seemed to provide just that though I was expecting a London like weather.


Keep your woolies – I had recently shared a post on how to get your spring/summer closet ready but then doubled back and asked you all to keep your woolies because the UK weather doesn’t seem to be catching up on the current ‘expected’ weather conditions. Just the other day I saw a weather report in the paper with pictures of snow in London like how is that still happening?

How to dress your ripped jeans – Since last year when I picked up my first pair of skinny ripped jeans I have been hooked and I can not get enough of them. I have been dressing then up, down and each else way I can think of. Not everyone likes ripped jeans, I used to be one of them until I learned how to dress them and now they are my go to items.

ripped jeans

Partying – Knowing that I would be spending almost all the 8 nights I am spending in Seoul partying I thought it was an awesome idea to put together some of the items I will be rocking of plan on rocking.

Popular wedding dresses 2016 – So many people are getting married (unfortunately it’s not my time yet) and it’s been fun draining listening them talk about what kind of dresses they are looking for etc and I thought it was the perfect time to share a post of wedding dresses.

There you have it, all the fashion posts that make April Fashion favourites post, which was your favourite fashion post? What is your style?