{Monthly Roundup} October 2016 Sponsors 

October 2016 Sponsors is a roundup post of all brands and PRs that I had worked with in October. Regular readers know I love showing my appreciation to the brands and PRs in this dedication post. This is also an opportunity for my regular and new readers who hadn’t seen the posts to see them now.

Sponsorship of A July Dreamer, comes in all shapes and sizes as I mentioned in th September 2016 sponsors post. The majority of sponsorship is usually via PR companies and a few from companies directly, regardless all is welcome. I am grateful to have such an awesome relationship with a number of PR companies.

October 2016 Sponsors

The purpose of this post is to remind you of the October 2016 sponsors that I worked with.

Bidvine, an online platform that helps you find and hire a local professional. You can search for any services, get a quote with no obligations and then choose the most favourable to you.

Mint Coffee Body Scrub, I was sent this back in August but only managed to review in September. I hadn’t tried a coffee body scrub before but I was intrigued so I accepted the review opportunity. It does exactly what it says on the tin, only issue I found was the coffee grains went everywhere.

Autumn Sun is a fashion outfit I put together for my course in London. When in London you have to dress {London Style}  the part including carrying around sunglasses. We Brits always walk around with brollies (umbrellas) and shades for the ever-changing weather. We are always ready for the unknown and are ready to embrace some what may.

autumn sun

October 2016 Sponsors ~ Collaborative Guest Posts

What happens to your appearance when you quit smoking had the tongues wagging which was good. This guest collaborative post brought some interesting insight into the visible and non-visible effects noticed after you quit smoking. I am a non-smoker and personally try to avoid smokers because I get nose bleeds from smoke inhalation.

5 ways to stay active this winter was another collaborative guest post, I learned a lot from this post. Comfy clothes, chilling in front of a telly instead of being active is so easy to do. I am guilty, but I am also making an effort to go to the gym as often as possible.

Getting free stuff ~ For Newbies was a collaborative guest post. Some tips were completely new to me and it was well received by many readers. It’s nice to get a freebie but also ensure there are no hidden agendas before you commit to anything.

How to Rack up Free Perfume Samples a collaborative guest post. This was totally new to me but I am so taken in I had to share. Have you ever bought a perfume after few sprits gone home and it’s not what you wanted? This happens to me all the time so I usually don’t buy perfumes just body sprays. So it’s always nice to get samples, take them home and try different perfumes and see how they fare.

And there you have it, my October 2016 sponsors. Did you work with any companies this month?