Bucketlist in Review ~ Life Edit 3

Life Edit 3 is a third recap of my 30B430 Bucketlist which I started in 2015. The idea was to create a bucketlist of places I wanted to see and things I wanted to try at least once. I have mentioned many times that I put off traveling not only for financial reasons but personal ones too. Then life threw me lemons and I decided F it I will make a lemonade cocktail and be done with it. 

I realised that waiting on people to help you achieve life long dreams is a waste of a life. If you can, do it yourself and even if you cant at least try it before you become all dependent on others. Life Edit 2 is as recent as 3 months ago when I reviewed my progress and make plans for 2017. Here I am already sharing another review of the accomplishments I have made thus far.

Life Edit 3 ~ Bucketlist in review

When I first shared the Life Edit {1} back in June 2016, I had accomplished 5 items off my 30B430 Bucketlist. It was a great confidence boost for me to say, yes I ticked that off, I did it. I felt really empowered and realised I could do so much more if I set my mind to it. Looking back to 2015 I am forever grateful to my lord for the many opportunities. A day doesn’t go by when I don’t realise just how lucky and blessed I am, I didn’t do it all alone. With that let’s see what I have managed to tick off the list and what’s in progress before July 7.

The Life Edit 3 ~ Done

  • Buy or start Renting my own place
  • Face one of my fears
  • Go to Disney Paris {Read HERE and HERE}
  • Visit the States
  • Go hiking or camping {Glamping in Slovenia}
  • Visit a winery {Slovenia
  • Learn how to drive
  • Attend a concert
  • Buy a car {though yet to collect}

The Life Edit 3 ~ To be done

  • Run a race for life
  • Do a 30 days challenge and complete it.
  • Visit the Victoria Falls
  • Take a cooking or baking class
  • Watch a musical or attend a theatre
  • Buy my own place

With only 4 months left before July 7 the pressure to complete or plan for these is high. Whether I will manage to complete this bucketlist on-time it’s not clear at the moment. As much as I would love to complete this bucketlist I am happy with how much I have done. As cheeky as this sound for me it’s all about trying everything at least once, you only get one life. Do you have a bucketlist?