{Fashion Monday} Spring Fashion Capsule

A Capsule is a collection of essentials items of clothing that do not go out of fashion.

With that thought in mind, I created this Spring Fashion Capsule of items I believe are essential for this season. Whilst the UK is yet to start experiencing Spring in its full glory, it does no hurt to be ready. End of March – end June is Spring season in the northern hemisphere, a time of rejuvenation. I always like to think of Spring as a start of new life, hope and regrowth. We all interpret it to our likely but we can all agree on the beauty that springs forth with this new season.

The Spring Fashion Capsule

Creating a spring fashion capsule can be tricky when you have UK kind of weather due to its unpredictability. I won’t say I love the British weather but I don’t totally hate it either as it has its charms. All my Fashion Capsules always contain similar items which I can wear all year round.

Spring Fashion Capsule
The idea of a Spring Fashion Capsule is not to restrict yourself but give you an idea of what items you can rock. What I love about spring (at least British spring) is that, it’s not yet warm but not too cold either. You only need to remove a layer (or two in my case) of your winter clothing and you’re all set. A friend was laughing at how quick the Brits adapt to the change in weather. One minute it was sunny and we all were without our winter woolies and next minute brollies out.
Because the weather can change so suddenly in the UK, we Brits have mastered the art of dressing for all seasons. I’ve learnt how to dress ripped jeans without breaking the bank nor needing much help from others. Fashion fits all, how you see it may not exactly match the next person but that’s ok. It’s meant to fit you and not the millions around you, if it does great, if it doesn’t that’s great too.