{Fashion Monday} Wedding Things

Last weekend (not yesterday) my best girl got married and I was invited to be part of her special day. It has been such a long time since I last went to a wedding so I wasn’t quite sure what to wear. When I asked the bride she said just look fabulous, that still didn’t easy my panicking. Putting outfits together is something I love but I have never attempted to put together an outfit for a wedding. I looked in my closet and couldn’t find anything that I felt would be “appropriate” and presentable. This was the hardest outfit planning I have encountered so far in my blogging years. I decided to stop overthinking and just wear what I was comfortable in.

Fashion Monday ~ Wedding Things

Everyone knows how much I have been loving mustard yellow lately, see ‘styling a frill trim top“. I have shared other outfits where I have incorporated some mustard yellow and loved them. It became a no brainier for me of what I was going to wear to the wedding reception. The panicking mode had been averted and I was all ready until the news changed. I wasn’t only going to be going to the reception but to the church as well.

At this point the panicking came and crash landed because there was no time to go buy anything to wear. I decided I would work with what I had and that included “Sparkle into September” dress. This dress I had wanted to wear to a bridal shower/traditional wedding last year but didn’t. Thanks to House of Fraser who sent it to me almost a year ago now I finally had somewhere to wear it.

I know what you’re thinking, why did I almost ruin the outfit with the two bags? Well to be honest, I was caught off guard with this picture and didn’t have chance to ditch the big bag. But I still feel this outfit worked for all intents and purposes. Though not clearly visible, the sandals I picked up from New Look are green suede and fit snuggly. It was such a joyous and wonderful day, I am glad I was able to be part of besties special day.