{Fashion Monday} Rocking an all black outfit in the sun ☀️ 

All black

Rocking an all black outfit in the sun has been something I have always done at some point. Most of us normally gravitate towards colourful pieces during summer and darker during winter. But for some reason I don’t always like to conform to the norm and will deviate at some point. It seems the weekend away in Basel, Switzerland was the “some point” for me to deviate. Black is a colour which I find so versatile and can be paired with practically anything so why not another black item.

All Black

The weather was particularly hot in Basel, highs of 35 at times and lows of 25. I felt as much as I would have loved to wear my shorts I wanted to protect my legs a little. You see I am someone who almost always forgets to pack her sunscreen. Because the skinny jeans I purchased from new look last year are quite light I didn’t sweat in them. I was very thankful that they offered me some protection but did not cause me discomfort in the crazy heat.

all black outfit

Rocking an all black outfit in the sun ☀️

I paired the skinny jeans with a top I picked up from Mr Price in South Africa last year. It is another really light material with a mesh detail on the top to allow enough sunshine in. Whilst the top is definitely light it is not see through and I often wear it to work on hot days. I love pairing this top with colourful trousers when I am trying to tone an outfit down. Sometimes (ok most of the time) I wear this top to cover my beer belly which keeps sticking out during summer time. The top is fitting on the upper part and very loose on the mid to bottom parts which is perfect. Other times I wear it is when I know I will be eating like a champion on a day out.

All Black - H&M shoes

I had recently picked up some shoes from H&M whilst I was in Bucharest and absolutely adorable them. Unfortunately for me I had to break them in during a really hot day when my feet expanded. I have blisters at the back of my feet because of them but I am still wearing and loving them big time. The weather was too hot and I am not one to wear jewellery during hot days. I opted to wear studs only and nothing much to accessorize the outfit, I felt black was enough to hold its own.

Do you ever wear an all black outfit during the summer? Or do you prefer colourful outfits compared to all black outfit?