School Playground safety 

Back to school preparations are in full swing for many UK parents, for some school has already started. The first few weeks will obviously be tough trying to not only readjust the kids but parents too. After sharing back to school items you forgot and should have, many parents had to do a double take. There was obviously a couple of items missing but otherwise everyone seems to be very organised.

I then started to wonder, parents are {almost} ready for back but are they prepared for school play ground safety? As I am not a parent yet I had to do some research on play ground safety when I stumbled upon this article on Pinterest. What I especially loved was the infographic within the article.

School Playground Safety

The infographic shares many tips on school playground safety but one is of particular interest to me, soft surface. I remember as a kid growing up in Zambia, our soft surface play area wasn’t at all soft nor safe. With no one to really enforce the law on what school playgrounds standards should be it was difficult. Don’t get me wrong, not all parts where bad they were just some questionable ones. Still we survived and probably survived the playground apocalypse that rained on us as kids.

The playground today is a different place, there are plenty of companies selling different types of soft surface. Many have invested in safe, cost effective and easy to lay surfaces for different areas including school grounds.

These days it’s a different time and different requirements of what’s acceptable and what isn’t. Today many of us are thankful that many things especially where children are concerned are inspected. Many companies today provide soft surface products in different formats with wetpour being most common for school playgrounds. Not only are they safe, they come in different types and are good for sensory development of kids. The most important thing apart from being ethically safe is that these areas is where children will make most memories.