{Christmas 2017 #giftideas} For Him

Christmas is a few weeks away and on A July Dreamer we are sharing ideas for different gifts. This week we are sharing gift ideas for him which your men in your life will love. In 2016, I shared this Fashion gift guide for him which was a huge hit with many of you. For 2015 Christmas gift guide for him I split into different categories for the men in my life. This year is no different, the focus is on the men in my life and hopefully this will be of help to you.

Buying presents for the family can sometimes be an expensive burden because we want to please. Sometimes drastic measures might be taken resulting in getting money in different ways including through *Northcash. Though this might not be the idea for many, its good just knowing it is an option. I am fortunate to have other means of getting the ultimate gifts for my family. Here is what I am hoping to get the men in my life.

{Christmas 2017 #giftideas} For Him

{Christmas 2017 #giftideas} For Him

I always say when it comes to buying presents for him, men can be quite hard to shop for. But it is not impossible, we all know our men very well so it is always best to go for practical gifts. I have always mentioned how important it is for me to give my father a gift of an experience. I think it is one of the best gifts one can offer a loved one though today we have other ideas.

  • Coats – the weather has changed and it’s getting colder, a coat is a practical present. Not only will it keep them warm but it is a present they can wear after Christmas itself. I am a great advocate for presents which I can use past the big day itself and a coat is exactly that.
  • Suits – whilst not for everyone I know my brother and father love them. I have always mentioned how much I love a man in a suit. There is just something about smart *slim fitted suits that makes me giddy. A nicely fitted suit on a man brings out confidence of epic proportions.
  • Formal shoes – every man needs formal suits whether for a formal function or wedding. Whichever it is a formal pair of shoes is a must have, another practical item to give.
  • Accessories– One thing my father seems to go through like socks is belts and often buys new ones. We received these from Kinzd in the summer and he loves them big time. Hence why I think if you’re looking for strong belts as a present, consider Kinzd. Another item both my father and brother love is a good watch which is essential.

What items do you have on the list for the men in your life? 

As a regular traveler myself I know the importance of a good travel bag like MAHI bag. For me it’s about having a strong bag that I can carry on my multiple trips. Whilst the men in my life don’t often travel having a nice sturdy and strong bag is important.