Where to stay in Prague – Czech Inn Hostel

Czech Inn Hostel Prague is an award winning member of Europe’s famous hostels and part of Bohemian hostels & hotels. It is one of the top affordable hostels in Prague located in the hippest hood in the city of Prague. The hostel offers different accommodations; premium dorms, shared rooms and apartments. Pricing starts from as little as £7 {€8 or $9} per night in the shared accommodations with various discounts offered.

When I arrived in Prague it was passed midnight and did not make it to Czech Inn Hostel until 1-am. It had been a long day and I just needed to get somewhere warm to rest. Thankfully for me, I had arranged for a private taxis with Prague airport transfer to take me to the hostel. It wasn’t a long journey and before I knew it, I was being dropped off at reception.

Where to stay in Prague – Czech Inn Hostel

The lovely staff at the reception welcomed me with warm greetings and proceeded to help me. I had made the reservation online for a premium dorm, they asked my name and checked the system. They quickly informed me my room was located on the top floor, instructed on how to get to the room and so on. During check-in you can choose to either pay there and then or during check-out. You also have an option to book breakfast as you’re checking in, it’s cheaper than paying on the day.

The premium dorms on the top floor has two rooms with five beds in one and two in another. The premium dorms have a kitchen with your basic utilities and also a social area. There is a small hall area when you enter the room and a bathroom/toilet area on the left.

A post shared by Miranda-Anosa #UKTravelblogger (@ajulydreamer) on Arriving into my room after such a long day, I was pleased to be get to a comfy and warm bed. But as is my routine, I never sleep without a good shower which helps to relax me. Thankfully the shower room had massive rain-head with good flowing and warm water. I was able to enjoy a very nice and long shower before getting into a very comfortable bed. Each of the private rooms has temperature controls so we could adjust the room temperature ourselves.

Food and Drinks

The hostel does offer breakfast which you can pay for at check in or on the day when you want breakfast. Czech Inn Hostel is located in Krymska which is a vibrant areas with incredible restaurants. The hostel provides a lot of recommendations to the best restaurants and cafes to try. During my stay we tried; U Bulinu and vinohradsky parlament which were both incredible restaurants. I tried some local cuisines like PORK NECK IN AN ORIGINAL BEER MARINADE, this was an incredible meal.

One thing to know about Prague is it is an affordable city, food and drinks are very affordable. I spent less than £30 on food and drinks for the entire four days I was in Prague. It is important to ask the staff for recommendations and know where to look as well.

A post shared by Miranda-Anosa #UKTravelblogger (@ajulydreamer) on One of the many things I loved whilst staying at Czech Inn Hostel was how friendly everyone was. I met some really incredible people who have now become my friends and its amazing. The entire place has a cool, calm and relaxing vibe which is lovely to chat and make new friends.

Good to know information

  • Hostel can assistance in booking transport taxis or how to use public transport.
  • You can hire towels – 100 CZK for deposit which you get at end of stay and 35CZK to use during your stay
  • Private lockers are provided but you need to bring your own lock or purchase at reception.
  • You can store your luggage after check out and collect before you travel
  • Arranges a free tour of Prague in collaboration with Good Prague Tours. A free coach takes guests to the centre of Prague where the tour starts
  • Breakfast room is downstairs, cafe area is open to guests and common area available to use. They have plenty of charging ports to use for free for your devices.

I had an incredible time staying at Czech Inn Hostel in Prague, I highly recommend it and can not wait to return. Here are the links & social media accounts if you wish to check them out;

Disclosure: I was a guest of Czech Inn Hostel, all opinions shared are based on my personal experience.