• Bremen in Autumn | 13 Things To Do

    Bremen is a small Hanseatic and historical city located in the North West region of Germany. Since 1358, the city of Bremen has been a member of the Hanseatic League and still is today. The city has over 600 years of world heritage and its home of the first fully functional helicopter.

    Though Bremen is a small city in comparison to Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne, it can hold its own economically. In this article, our hope is to share 13 marvellous things to do in Bremen in Autumn. Thanks to BTZ, I had a jam-packed 48 hours filled with adventure that allowed me to enjoy Bremen in Autumn.

    Bremen in Autumn

    For all the first timers looking for hotel and food recommendations and public transport, read our first-timer guide. Most importanly we hope this article will be helpful in creating an itinerary.

    Bremen in Autumn |13 Things To Do

    Bremen is both a port city and a medieval town filled with 1200 years of history carved in Renaissance. At the same time, Bremen is a university town full of young students and a fairytale town too. Without sounding overzealous, Bremen is a very rounded small city covered in Gothic and Renaissance styles.

    During my 48-hour visit to Bremen, I was able to experience this Bremen in Autumn and curious about other seasons. Bremen Tourism had agreed to collaborate with me on this trip and curated the best itinerary ever. The itinerary helped me to make use of my time in the city and I employ people to visit Bremen in Autumn or other seasons.

    Gase at the Markplatz

    This is an area in the old town that is filled with over 600 years of World Heritage in its walls. If there was one place in the city I would wish to spend a day in, this is it. In this one square, you can

    Bremen in Autumn

    Bremen Town Musician Statue

    This is a famous depiction of a fairytale Brothers Grimm. Locals and tourist alike rub the feet if the donkey as its considered to be lucky. It is also thought that if you rub the donkey’s feet with one hand then it won’t come through. The same thing as wishing on a star and saying your wish out loud doesn’t make it come true. The statue was erected by Gerhard Marcks back in 1951 and can be found on the western side of Rathaus.

    Bremen in Autumn

    Roland Statue 

    This is the largest Roland statue in Germany and symbolizes freedom of trade since 1404. Together with the town hall, the Roland statue received its UNESCO status in 2004. The statue measures 5.5 metres and replaces its predecessor that was destroyed in 1366.

    Bremen in Autumn

    Town Hall

    Rathaus is considered the jewel in the crown of the markplatz. It was built between 1405 and 1410 and later in the 17th century, Weser Renaissance was added. Today, Bremen’s city council convene here and though available for a tour, booking is required. The entire is like none other and I will be dedicating an entire post to is, be on the lookout.

    Bremen in Autumn

    Chamber of Commerce 

    Schutting situated opposite the Town Hall is another gem in markplatz. It is the form merchants guildhall and now poses as the Chamber of Commerce. It is a rare gem not to be missed whilst admiring the rest of the markplatz. 

    Bremen in Autumn

    St. Peter’s Cathedral

    Thought to have built around 789 and is the oldest medieval building in markplatz. It is beautifully nestled between the Parliament Building and the Rathaus. The crypts are the oldest with history spanning 1200 years.

    Bremen in Autumn

    Bremer Ratskeller & 600-year old Wine Cellar

    Founded in 1405, the vaults of the town hall lines the beautiful wine cellar and restaurant. For over 600 years,  Bremer Ratskeller has worked with the motto ‘Quality in Tradition. Having sampled some of their wine during my visit, I can definitely vouch for the quality of their wines. With over 650 German wines, its considered the vintage town hall of Bremen.

    Bremen in Autumn

    Wander around Schnoor & Indulge in Schnoorkeller

    Schnoor is the oldest quarter in Bremen and it has the narrowest lanes in the city. It is packed with small houses from the 15th – the 16th century which today pose as studios, cafes and restaurants. It is a very instagrammable area that is not to be missed on your visit to Bremen.

    For the first time ever I got a chance to snack on the best Schnoorkuller a nice treat. There are lots of cute cafes around Schnoor that are a must visit, I recommend Cafe Amtsfischerhaus Bremen.

    Bremen in Autumn

    Explore Böttcherstrasse

    Böttcherstrasse is known for collections of museums and other various works of art. It was built in 1920 and it’s a 110metre long lane with a delightful collection of galleries. One place I loved during my visit was the Bon Bon Manufaktur –  a sweet shop. 

    Learn Something New

    Over the last couple of years doing solo travelling, I have come to love visiting museums. It is something that makes me happy and I make a point of visiting as many as I can. During my trip to Bremen my itinerary included;


    What I love about this museum is it has all continents under one roof except for Europe itself. I found myself lost in Africa, Antartica and the Americas, this is not something I have seen before. Even though I have visited these continents I was happy seeing it in a museum. This museum is located next to the Main Station and is very easy to lcoate. 

    Bremen in Autumn

    Universum Bremen

    Being at the University of Bremen brought back all kinds of emotions for me, I miss being at university. I was totally mesmerised by the bike museum but even more so the science centre. The science centre has three sections; Technology, Human and Nature, technology was definitely fascinating.  

    Kunsthalle Bremen

    Built around 1849 and houses collection of various European paintings and is located in the old town. The gallery closed for a two-year renovation and reopened back in 2011 with over 200,000 items.

    Bremen in Autumn

    Mühle am Wall

    The windmill is both a restaurant and city iconic building in the city and was opened back in 1699. It’s the first sights you will see coming from the main station heading into the old town. It is located in Wallanlagen Park and I love that its a functional restaurant and cafe. 

    Since 2015, I have made it my mission to visit at least one German city every single year. So far in 2018, I have been to two; Cologne and now Bremen both of which I have loaded for various reasons. Besides these two, I have been to five others and want to visit all 16 federal states. Because Germany has bewitched me that much most importantly, I want to visit Bremen again.

    *Thanks Bremen Tourism for an impressive itinerary



    1. November 20, 2018 / 10:33 am

      I’ve never been to Germany before but I’d love to go. It looks so beautiful!

    2. November 16, 2018 / 6:22 pm

      Not been to Germany, but this looks super pretty and very charming. Love the look of the Chamber of Commerce building xx

    3. November 16, 2018 / 10:49 am

      Wow Bremen looks like an absolutely beautiful place. Such gorgeous photos. The Musicians of Bremen used to be my favourite story book when I was little 🙂

    4. November 15, 2018 / 10:56 pm

      Bremen looks amazing with some stunning architecture too. I’d be happy photographing those buildings for an entire 48 hours!

    5. November 15, 2018 / 1:26 pm

      What a beautiful place and those buildings are so majestic. I haven’t been to Bremen personally but a few of my friends have and they all enjoyed their visit there. x

    6. November 15, 2018 / 10:08 am

      Germany has so much medieval style architecture, I love all those buildings. Looks like there is plenty to keep you occupied in Bremen.

    7. November 15, 2018 / 9:58 am

      I have never been to Germany, I would love to though. All the pictures just look so lovely and I like the fact it is a short flight away too.

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