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Over the last couple of years the need to have everything organic or natural has been on the rise not only with food, hair products but with face products too. I have admitted several times on this blog of my lack of interest re the products I used before I started blogging. I never had any sort of routine didn’t even care to change it up to match the season I just went with the flow. After I started blogging almost 2 years ago now I started to learn about different products, what chemicals to watch out for both the good and bad. I did not even know what paraben’s were until I started blogging. I was already aware of the effects on salicylic acid on my face but other than that I was clueless.

In 2014 I started making more of an effort in caring for my skin, not only what I ate but what I put on my face. I even came up with my ‘new and improved routine‘ which I have since upgraded to split into summer and winter. Since it’s winter now I thought I share the winter face routine, I decided to develop this routine because I noticed my normal everyday routine is not cutting it anymore and I needed to make adjustments.

Washing/cleansing: Every morning and night time I wash my face with a cleanser, on alternating days I use my soniclear cleanse system which a few days ago I traded in for my new Magnitone Lucid: Limited Edition by Pixie Lott. I love this Magnitone Lucid because it’s very light and very effective. I also love that the brush head is very soft and the settings have been made easier instead of you counting or setting a time for each area on your face the Magnitone Lucid is built to beep when it’s time to move to a new area and it times this 3 times which is pretty handy. Charging is not a problem but only issue I found is I needed to charge it for 24 hours before use and it only came with one brush head whereas the soniclear came with a spare. I do love the pink colour of the brush and I did not experience any brush shading which is a big thing for me. Overall I give the product 4/5.


SOFTER + CLEARER + BRIGHTER SKIN IN 7 DAYS. Daily facial cleansing & exfoliation brush. With Active Electromagnetic Technology

DSCF2512 101% Water proof, see the results after one use. Works on all skin types

Moisturising: Once I cleanser my face and before I apply my moisturiser, I get a cotton pad and apply the Simple toner; after it drys I apply the Oz natural serum which I leave to get absorbing into my skin then I apply my moisturiser which is can be the Refresh skin therapy Restore or my Simple moisturiser. I sometimes top up my face with the plant based eye gel which in this cold weather acts as a barrier between the harsh weather and my face. The reason I do all this is to protect my skin and avoid the really dry feel on my face.

DSCF2360OZ Naturals - The BEST Eye Gel

To finish off my routine and this is dependant on whether I am wearing make-up that day or not.

I love to apply my primer all over my face then a bit of powder and lately I have been using the Makeover Essentials which I love but has not been living up to its standard in this cold weather. It seems to be making my face even drier compared to if I did not have it on, I do love that it blends with my skin tone though maybe will keep it for summer. Though I am not good at wearing eyeliner I have been loving these four pops of colours that #Flashmob of Markwins Beauty sent me. I love how sparkling the colours are, they have lasted me all day and didn’t disappear into my makeup or skin. They are very easy to apply but for a learner like me even easier to smudge. I love the packaging they look so sleek and stylish and the size is perfect as they fit in my purse quite snugly.

DSCF2495 DSCF2493My winter face routine is pretty simple, might sound heavy but it’s not doesn’t even take me 5 minutes to be done with it. For me it’s important to use my Magnitone Lucid every other day as opposed to daily and make-up though is not an everyday thing I do love when I wear it and these Four pops of colour from #Flashmob as definite must haves.
Do you have a face routine for winter and/or summer? What are your current favourite products and gadgets to use?

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Disclosure: I was gifted the Magnitone Lucid and liquid eye-liners via The Blogger Program to facilitate this review, no other forms of compensation were given regardless I only recommend products I use myself.