{Fashion Monday} January Fashion Favourites

January started with a bag and ended with one too. I can not believe we have finished a whole month already, Christmas just started dusting off and now we already ready for Valentine’s Day which is honestly crazy. That being said I am very excited to see what February has in store for me and can not wait to share it all with you.

Fashion Favourites

As is always a theme with my Fashion Favorites post, I share with you my Fashion posts from the ended month as a way to recap in case you missed the post.

Without further adieu here is the round-up of the Fashion Posts I shared in January.

Fashion Travel Essentials ~ 2016 is a year of more travel than ever before, it is also a year where I conquer Europe and I wanted to share with you some Fashion Essential items. I love having black and white Fashion items in my travel bag as they are easy to dress up and down.

 Fashion Travel Essentials

Green & Blue Day – I put together this simple work out and took some bathroom selfies since I do not really have time to do Fashion posts. When I put this post together I did not really think about how it would look, I am the ‘what I see is what I wear’ kind of girl so this outfit was put together without must thought.

Blue & Green Day

Black & Beige – This is one well received workout post that I have done so far this year, as mentioned above I do not really think about my outfits I wear what I see but sometimes I think about how I could dress more Fashionable at work. I think effortless outfits are the best outfits but then again I am not the most Fashionable person around.

Black & Beige

Putting outfits together has always been a hobby of mine, I may not always be able to translate it into real life (aka not look as good on me as it does on paper) it still doesn’t stop me from putting them together.

For all my weekend getaways planned, I love simple outfits and this one is exactly that. It has some color, since winter is still present the ankle boots work and the distressed jeans are a nice touch.

Weekend Getaway
Thank you for all your lovely comments throughout January, I am always honored and humbled by all those who visit my blog and where possible leave a nice comment. Thank you.
Welcome to February!!

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