June 2016 sponsors 

I can not believe how fast June went by, I can not believe we have already passed the halfway point of 2016. July is here (tomorrow) and so much has happened already that it is impossible to comprehend it all. When I seat down and think about how I started the blog, what I had wished for then and how the blog is now and what I have achieved in the last 3 years I am totally amazed.

Though the month has moved pretty swiftly, it seems the sponsorship part of blogging was not in sync which is totally fine with me because, as I have always said on the blog, I am always honoured and humbled that these sponsors chose to work with me and my blog.

wellington ankle boots

June 2016 sponsors

Butterfly Twists – You will remember I worked with them before and I shared HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE fashion outfit ideas. I was honoured when they contacted me again last month to try out their Wellington Boots, I obviously said yes on the spot because they make such strong, stylish, fashionable and lasting shoes so it was an easy one. I choose the Wellington ankle boots since I am not a big boots fan but when you live in England, they are a must have.

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Point-S – is a tyre company I collaborated with to share with you some of my Road Trip tips, I am sure many of us have planned a road trip or two in the past or are planning on going on one this summer. Because I do not drive (yet) I thought it made sense to ask my brother-in-law to help with a section on changing or replacing tyres.

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Shoppers Stop – Though I had not worked with them directly I was happy to be introduced to them via a collaborative post on 5 types of summer wardrobe essentials. There are so many items I am hoping to purchase this summer so this post was a welcome collaboration.


Another company i did not work with directly was My Deals, an online one stop shop for everything. In this collaborative post, we shared inexpensive decorating ideas for your dining setting. My apartment is not big enough for a dining setting but doesn’t hurt to learn about inexpensive ideas for when I do.

Urban Fruits – I love urban fruits, I first tried their snacks over a year ago and though they are a bit pricey for snacks they are worth every penny. When I thought about how eat healthy whilst on holiday I knew I had to include them on my list.

Esprit is an online Fashion and Home shop which I had the pleasure to include as part of my Fashion Monday post. I love online shops because of the convenience they bring to those of us who are always on the go.

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The Glasses shop is another online glasses shop I had the privilege of working with. When they contacted me a few weeks back to try out and review a pair of my choosing from there store, I was more than thrilled I said yes on the spot. The sunglasses I chose have become my go to summer glasses which is pretty awesome as I rarely change my sunglasses.

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As I always say, thank you to all the wonderful sponsors who collaborated with me in the past and more so to the June 2016 sponsors.

Who is your favourite of my June 2016 sponsors roundup?