{Fashion Monday} Fall Fashion Basics

Fall Fashion Basics to me is a having these pieces of clothing in your Fall/Autumn wardrobe. Those who know me know I change-up my closet per season and declutter every 6 weeks. Changing up your closet doesn’t mean buying new items all the time. Most of the time is just means repurposing some clothes from summer to fit into fall by layering. Then clothes from winter might require removing the extra layer from insider.

For me personally I believe Fall Fashion Basics should be in every woman’s closet (not an expert on men’s closets). I believe in having certain basics throughout the year that can easily transition from season to season. I can guarantee 90% of you have the basics in your closet and wont need to purchase new clothes.


Fall Fashion Basics

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Fall Fashion Basics

Living in England, I am always kept on my toes in terms of the weather by being ready for any sudden changes. Because of our temperamental weather, you can accurately conclude us Brits are always ready at a moments notice. We don’t leave our homes without an umbrella and sometimes sunglasses because we know at any moment we might need them.

The following items are what I think are Fall Fashion Basics:

Scarf – Sometimes you don’t need warmer outwear but just a scarf. I know what when the weather is nippy but not too cold, by covering my neck I am able to preserve some heat and I stay warm enough.

Boots – In climates like the UK you definitely need to have some boots. I mentioned in my Autumn Must Have boots what types boots one should have for fall. Fall weather is between summer and winter, you want boots that are warm enough but wont have you sweating.

Sweater/Cardigan/Jumper – these are essential pieces to own. It’s not yet time to wear our thick winter coats and jackets, we still have some level of sunshine. But the sunshine is not enough to walk around with bare arms hence the Sweater/Cardigan/Jumper.

Though I rarely wear gloves, they are very handy to have during fall and winter. Because I rarely used them, I rarely pack them in my handbag but do have them at home.

Finally a beanie, an essential item to have in the closet. Ladies, remember the hair you did all morning to walk out only for it to be ruined? Ya well, a beanie might save you some hassle.

What are some of your Fall Fashion Basics?