Financial Report Q4 2016 

Q4 2016 financial report is a quarterly roundup of all my blog earnings in each quarter. As I mentioned in Q3 2016, I would not be sharing the monthly breakdown just the overall quarterly earnings. I also mentioned that the Q4 2016 financial report would be the last quarterly report I will share. After much thought I thought I share these every 6 months instead of quarterly as it’s getting too busy around here.

Before I get down to sharing the Q4 2016 quarterly earnings, I figured it’s nice time to share the previous 3 quarters earnings. Sharing the blog financial report is in no way showing off but sharing with fellow bloggers the possibilities. Starting out, I did not think I would be able to earn something from my blog but I do and it’s great. Having a side hustle that brings in some spare cash has been great and I am grateful.

Financial Report

Blog Earnings 2015/6 Recap

  • Jan-Jun {Q1/2 2015} – £690 total, I was so proud of my earnings up to this day I celebrate.
  • Jul-Sep {Q3 2015} – £450, this was much better than Q1 2015 but just £200 short of Q2 2015.
  • Oct-Dec {Q4 2015} – £705, this was the highest grossing I had made in 2015 and I was chuffed.

Grand total {2015} = £1845

  • Jan-Mar {Q1 2016} – £1680, so far the highest I had made in any quarter.
  • Apr-Jun {Q2 2016} – £645, I made just under 1/3 of first quarter earnings
  • Jul-Sep {Q3 2016} – £703, just over 1/3 of first quarter and 10-15% more than Q2

Financial Report Q4 2016 

When Q4 2016 started, I was already late sharing the Q3 2016 results. Little did I know that the busyness I thought I was experiencing then was nothing for Q4 2016 would be busier. Though in terms of cash in handy is less than what I earned in Q1 I feel Q4, 2016 was definitely the winner. The products I had received to try out where worth more in value than any other month. I am happy with the amount I have earned in this quarter {Q4 2016} earnings = £781.41

Grand total {2016} = £3,411.15🤑

2016 has been such a great year! I am too excited to see what 2017 has in store for A July Dreamer and me.

Happy Holidays