February 2017 Fashion Favourites 

February 2017 Fashion Favourites is a 2nd Fashion roundup post of the year. I first started doing Fashion Favourites post in November of 2015 and it was such a huge hit I made it a regular monthly feature. Sharing Fashion ideas is something that I really love and find very therapeutic in a way. It doesn’t always involve shopping which is good but it’s a mood board for the future. Whilst my main focus is women’s fashion I have been dubbing a little into men’s Fashion too. As is always the case with the Fashion Favourites roundup post here is another glimpse of outfit ideas I shared in February. 

February 2017 Fashion Favourites 

Normally I am order of how I display the Fashion Favourites outfit ideas, this month its latest first.

Winter Fashion Capsule: Winter has been pretty cold of late and with so many travels to do, I put together a fashion capsule. As mentioned above I love nothing more than creating fashion moodboards to give ideas of my next outfit to wear or to share. There are ideas that don’t work for me but I know would work for others so I share them regardless. What I love about is it’s not restrictive, you can explore many options until your find your zing.

winter fashion capsule

True Colours: This is a true hit wonder kind of fashion post, I shared my love of mustard colour and how I style it. I have mentioned a few times on the blog, I am not particularly a mustard fun but it’s a beautiful colour. Most of us are scared of so many bright colours because we don’t know how to style them. I myself I am still learning the ropes of making the colour work for me. True colours outfit ideas does exactly that for me and I have happy to share with you all. true colours

Valentine’s Day Look: It would have been wrong not to share a Valentine’s day look outfit idea. Though I didn’t get to dress up for V-Day nor did I wish too. Sometimes I feel it’s important to look past certain life obstacles and just go with the flow. Sometimes just changing your view on certain situations can bring about much clarity and happiness.

Valentine's Day look

February is a short month so I was only able to share with you 3 outfit ideas. Which once of the three was your favourite and why? Do you like dressing up cute whether for functions or just because you felt like it?

Thanks for checking out my February 2017 Fashion Favourites.