February 2017 Monthly Goals

February 2017 Monthly Goals, a list of goals that I would like to accomplish this month including those from previous months. Regular readers know my motto in regards to goals in both setting them and actions taken regardless of outcome. If I accomplish a goal, that is a great feeling and motivation is topped up. When I don’t accomplish a goal, I don’t give up I move it forward. If I can’t move it, I bench it and attack from another angle.

February 2017 goals

We all have certain ways of how we set goals, simple and smart or dependent on whats to mind. I won’t claim to always have smart goals but all my goals are simple enough when broken down. It may look hard to accomplish at times but I believe where there is a will there is always a way. With that in mind, let’s review the January 2017 goals and align with the 2017 Yearly Goals before set the February 2017 monthly goals.

{Review} January Goals

Main Goals

  • Buying a car 🚗. Done, bought a car but not yet collected it.
  • Getting Car Insurance. Not yet done but working on it.
  • Declutter my home. Not done but working on it.
  • Start saving for a mortgage. Started and happy with my progress so far. 

February 2017 Monthly Goals

As mentioned above, if I don’t accomplish the goals I have set out I move to the next month. Apart from the above I set a couple more goals which I didn’t manage to accomplish. These goals I have moved from January to February and will continue to until I accomplish them.

Main Goals

  • Collect the car 🚗.
  • Getting Car Insurance.
  • Declutter my home.
  • Continue saving for a mortgage.
  • Start an emergency fund and only use in emergencies.

Spiritual Goals

  • Attend church regularly, mid-week will be a challenge but Sundays I should make all the effort
  • Put the Lord left/right and centre as my driver on this earthly journey. Doing
  • Participate in the Church more, I sign in the choir.

Personal Goals

  • Make an effort to start dating again, I don’t know where to begin but will make an effort. Started
  • Be more social, I am a house bunny and I love that but want to be more social. Working on it

Blogging Goals

  • re-Build a new mailing list, I have over 8000 email subscribers but not sure how many are real. Started,
  • Update the work with me page and revise my collaboration fees
  • Set Social media stats goals for 2017. 2016 I spent focusing on quality content and not building a following. Done

And there you have it, my January February 2017 monthly goals; smart and achievable.