Four Affordable Getaways with Groupon

Searching for affordable getaways should be my middle name or my motto in life as that’s what I spend 90% of my free time on. I am a sucker for a good travel deal and often search sites like Groupon to find them. But those who know me know I rarely search for combined deals (hotel and flights) I prefer to use Skyscanner to find my flights. That’s just how I like to do things and it had served me well for so long but times change and we should evolve with them.

Groupon Getaways

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and instead of staying at home feeling sorry for myself I figured I need good travel deals. Off I went onto Groupon and found these four affordable getaways that have made my heart smile. I love traveling, it’s the only thing one can spend money on and become richer. This is one statement that has echoed in my heart and mind since I started solo traveling and hope to continue years on. So what deals have kept me happier than those coupled up and celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Four Affordable Getaways with Groupon

As much as I love to travel and spend my hard-earned cash, it’s still important to make sure we spend it wisely. For me wisely is finding the perfect deals that will allow me to maximise my travels both home and abroad. I figured traveling abroad might not be possible for everyone but we can all try some home travels at one point. The four affordable getaways with groupon are a mixture of home and abroad.

Cotswolds: 1 or 2 Night stay with Breakfast – Stratton House Hotel {deal} £69

Living only an hours drive from the Cotswolds, this deal would be a perfect staycation present if I ever saw one. I do love visiting the Cotswolds when I can but this would be nice to stay over after a day of exploring. This would also make a very lovely Valentine’s Day or even Galentine’s Day present.

Birmingham: 1 or 2 night stay with Breakfast – Nitenite Hotel {deal} £49

Birmingham is a city which I seem to only go in and out as quick as I possibly can and normally not by choice but circumstance. This stay would be perfect for another staycation with my sister just to explore the city and enjoy its charms.

Groupon - Lake Garda


Lake Garda: Up-to 4 Nights with Flight {deal} – £79

Lake Garda is one of the places I am hoping to visit one day soon and I had to include this deal in this post. It’s a place I have only heard about, read about, seen pictures of and enchanted to see it for myself one day. I am ready to soak up the sun, indulge in the local cuisine and live like a local for a few days.

Paris: Up-to 3 Night Break – Hotel Atrium {deal} – £49

I am a sucker for Paris, I can not get enough of this city, can’t even understand why some people don’t like it. I could explore it all year round and this deal is exactly what I needed. It would be awesome to complete this deal with the Eurostar deals which often go on sale around this time.

There are so many affordable getaways on Groupon, definitely make a point to check them out. I always have a look before I book most of my ‘thought out’ getaways and it always pays off. This year I won’t only be doing solo travels but tagging my parents along with me as they celebrate 30-years of marriage.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a collaborative post, I just love Groupon and the deals I saw!