{Fashion Monday} October Fashion Favourites

October Fashion Favourites is a roundup post of all the fashion posts I shared in October. It’s quite surprising to me how quickly October has come to an end. It felt like I just literally went on my journey to Johannesburg, not over a month since I returned. Sharing different outfit ideas and suggestions makes me really happy hence why these posts are important to me.

During the month of October, I shared three outfit posts (excluding today’s post) all autumn inspired. Autumn is not my favourite season but  I am enjoying putting these outfits together. Let’s look at the outfit ideas I shared and let me know which one you like best.

october fashion favourites

October Fashion Favourites

Autumn Sun was the first outfit post I shared in October, I wore this outfit in whilst in London for training. The weather has been pretty unpredictable the last few weeks but I had all my gear ready for any weather. I mentioned in this post how us Brits always walk around with an umbrella and sunglasses in our bags. The sunglasses I was sent from cheapass are UV protected, I love wearing them as they protected my eyes.

autumn sun


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Fall Fashion Basics, you know I had to share these basics with you all. These are some of the basic fall fashion pieces I own in my closet and you probably do too.  As mentioned above, it’s not yet cold so cardigans or jumpers are your friends. Scarfs and beanies for days when it looks more cloudy and cold than warm.

I change my wardrobe every season, this is something I have recently started (4 seasons ago). But I also realised I don’t a whole new wardrobe to change my wardrobe. I tend to buy a lot of summer clothes (in winter, they are cheaper) and winter clothes in summer. With that I maintain and change my wardrobe easily, during autumn you can get away with some summer pieces that require layering. As the weather changes you can just add another layer on top. That’s who I do it.


Other October Fashion Favourites

Must Have Autumn Boots was the another fashion post I shared. As I have mentioned many times before I am not big on this weather. During Autumn and Winter months I like to wear my knee-high boots but this year its ankle boots. I have seen quite a number of Autumn ankle boots that I am seriously loving and some will be featuring in my wishlist.

Though I am totally not an autumn kind of person I do still like it because it’s the middle point of summer and winter. This is the perfect time to try some open toed ankle boots or some open back boots for days when the sun is out. For the rest of the days where it’s not warms but not yet winter you have many options of closed ankle boots.


autumn boots

Regular readers know with these posts I usually have four outfit ideas to share. October was such a busy month that I forgot to publish an outfit post on the first Monday of the month. This is why this month it’s only two outfits with one must have post.

As always thanks for the support and encouragement with these types of posts. I can’t believe next month end will mark 1 year since I started this series.

Happy Halloween y’all.