{Monthly Roundup} December 2016 Sponsors 

December 2016 Sponsors, where shall I begin? You’ve made my month and quite possibly my year. It’s always a true pleasure and privilege to work with brands, PRs and companies. In all my almost 4 years of blogging, each time I get contacted for collaborations I am humbled. The variety in brands that I work with have truly made this once upon a time dream into a dreamer earner. Thank you for always reaching out, 2016 has been truly a great year because of yours and my readers support.

With that being said, whilst still being grateful for the opportunity here are the December 2016 Sponsors.

December 2016 Sponsors

December 2016 Sponsors

Book Your Lifestyle – to start the festive month, I collaborated with the company to bring an alternative Gift Guide. Instead of the atypical gifts we normally give our families and friends, I shared the idea of an experience gift. Too many a times we’ve all received gifts we didn’t particularly want or need so getting a gift that you can experience was the idea.

Slater & Gordon Lawyers – I am not a creative person hence why I don’t DIY anything. I would rather pay someone to do the work especially house renovations that attempt to do some jobs. There are some DIY jobs that are truly bad for your health that can cause mesothelioma cancers. Slater and Gordon are leading lawyers who can help you fight a claim on a no-win-no-fee basis.



Groom and Style – I was able to share with you another idea of perfect and useful gifts you can give for Christmas. I for one would be happy to receive personal hygiene gifts and in this gift guide I includes electrical toothbrushes.

Harley Street Hair Clinic – I had mentioned on the blog before how I had been loosing some hair in the middle of my head. This has brought not some self inspection and insecurities because of the bald patch on my head. I had recently started using FolliOne products and so far so good, my hair is growing back. I had to think about what hair loss treatments I would consider should the products not work. Would I try hair transplant which the Harley clinic offers or not?

Chill Insurance – whilst we were all busy enjoying the festive season Chill.ie was busy creating an informative inforgraphic on safety. Safety is something that some of us normally forget about in the busy caos of the festive period.

December 2016 Sponsors – Products reviews {+ Giveaway}

Lee Stafford – when my head is not busy loosing hair, I have quite touch and had to handle hair. I was fortunate to be sent a Lee Stafford Academy straightener and also one would be giveaway away to my reader. The giveaway is still open until 11th January 2017 so UK readers can enter to win yourself a straightener.

Lee Stafford

World of Snacks – the company sent me the Japan box of treats to try out. I had heard of the concept of receiving treats from different countries on a monthly basis but that was mostly in the states. I was happy to learn we had one in the UK too and it was interesting trying out the snacks from Japan.

New Chic – another brand I featured who sent me some items for review. Until after the collaboration, I did not know about the many complaints people had been having with the company. Though I did not have a bad experience and can only speak about my experience with them it’s important to check out this page.

Brantano Footwear – I recently featured the brand on the blog having worked with them 3 times now via PR.The collaboration with the brand was being sent Boots for men which I gifted to my brother for Christmas. Thanks Brantano I ticked the Best Sister category with my brother.

Perfect Glasses

Perfect Glasses –  I love sunglasses so much that I never tire buying {or receiving} them. When the company reached out for a possible collaborations I was over the moon. The sunglasses I chose are non-prescription sunglasses which are just awesome and shaped really nicely. The company offers many types of glasses started at affordable prices of £9 and are host of many designer brand glasses.

December 2016 Sponsors – Content contributors

City Breaks – as a regular traveler I am always happy to feature content from other travelers or tailored to my travels. The city breaks are one of my favourite weekend getaway types, it’s rare for me to not have a city break when I travel.

As I mentioned in my Thank you 2016 sponsors, December 2016 sponsors you’ve been just as amazing. Thank you for the support you’ve shown me in 2016 and hope to collaborate together again in 2017!!

Happy Holidays everyone.