January 2017 Fashion Favourites 

January 2017 Fashion Favourites is a roundup of all the fashion #ootd and ideas I shared during the month. Normally you would expect to see FOUR fashion posts but sometimes I do more than usual. Each Month has 4/5 Monday’s which makes 4/5 Fashion outfit ideas which are included in the Fashion Favourites. January has been a rollercoaster of a month for me, so many good and happy things have happened including lack of motivation. The last of motivation in other areas in my life sparked motivation to share fashion ideas. With that in mind, here are the January 2017 Fashion Favourites.

January 2017 Fashion Favourites 

January 2017 Fashion Favourites 

New Beginnings

I started the year very colourful and I aim to stay that way. Though I hardly ever share ootds featuring me, this year I wanted to make an effort. I even managed to purchase a nice bridge camera last year in the Black Friday sales.

Men’s Fashion

Another aspect of fashion that I don’t often dwell on is men’s fashion but I had fun putting this outfit together. I am no expert in men’s fashion but I am using my brother as a muse as he knows how to dress.

embrace the season

Embrace the season

Winter has made its presence known in many countries and the UK is no exception. It was prudent for me to share this outfit to show my readers how I am embracing the season.

January Fashion Wishlist

Though technically not a Fashion Monday post, it still made the cut because it’s fashion post. There are so many things I want this month but I choose to focus on things that would provide warmth.

Leather Jacket

Why to wear a leather Jacket

And because a leather jacket is a staple in my wardrobe, I had to share how I love to style it. Everyone has their preference but for me during autumn and winter, this is how I prefer to rock my leather jacket.

Valentine’s Day outfit Inspo

With only two weeks left before the day of the lovers, I got in early and gave an outfit inspo for the day. Not all of us want to dress in all red so I gave some other options.

black on black

Black on Black

The beauty of black on black outfits is that you can’t go wrong in terms of styling them. The majority of us gravitate towards the darker colours in winter and black on black is the most popular.

Fashion gives you wingz

In fashion, there are so many inventions that there is never a dull moment. I hadn’t known there was such a thing as sleeve wingz so it was a huge shock for me. To be honest I am still amazed today as to whose idea it was to make sleeve wingz. Granted they are very useful and definitely add style to an outfit but still huh!!

simple yet stylish

Simple yet Stylish

As if you haven’t had enough of my New Look leather jacket, a staple item in my closet. I thought I share another simple yet stylish look I rocked recently at a concert in Birmingham. This is one look that never gets old nor far from being repeated over and over again.

 Which of these outfits I shared in January where your favourites? For new readers, the January 2017 Fashion Favourites roundup is an opportunity to check out what you’ve missed.

  • Natasha

    Loving the outfit you put together! I need to add a leather jacket to my wardrobe ASAP.

  • I love your style. Those taupe booties are super cute

    • Thank you Aduke much appreciated

  • stacey

    Love what you put together. Can you come with me shopping?? lol.

    • Hahaha lol, would love to for sure

  • Black on black looks lovely. Great pieces here.

    • It sure is, thanks Stella

  • Aziel Morte

    These are all a great selection of fashion! I would love the coats

  • Clairejustineo

    Some great picks here 🙂 Love the grey coat.

    • Me too, its my favourite

  • bstoutsweeps

    These are amazing pieces. You have such great style. Love it all.

    • Thank you so much

  • Marissa Zurfluh

    Great list here of fashion forward picks! My daughter would be in heaven!

    • Awww thanks and glad to hear it

  • Michaele

    I wanted to say that your first wishlist looks like I picked it… well, the second one would fit into my closet even better! I really want a new leather jacket that I could wear for years 🙂

    • Hahaha glad to hear we have similar tastes

  • Laura Dove

    I love my leather jacket, they are timeless I think. If you buy a decent one it can last a lifetime!

    • It sure can and looks like my new look one might be one that survives test of time

  • Kara

    I have just bought my daughter a leather jacket, it is so nice to see them back in fashion

    • Aww I bet she loves it big time, they sure are in fashion

  • Annemarie LeBlanc

    I love those ankle boots! I want both! The black on black fashion style is great too. I think a leather jacket is a great investment.

    • It sure is and thanks. I have been loving my ankle boots lately

  • Love all your picks! I just got rid off my old leather jacket and really need a replacement. It used to be such a comfort piece for me but I haven’t worn it in years now! x

    • Awww hope you find a replacement soon they are a must have piece of clothing

  • I haven’t had a leather jacket for years but this brings back so many memories, oh the fun I had xx

    • Hahaha the fun one can have pairing a leather jacket is awesome

  • There’s no doubt that black is always a nice color, that’s mostly what you can see in my closet. It’s good to have the right clothes for the season, not only is it stylish but you’ll feel comfortable too.

    • Exactly and I love that big time

  • Black on black is so perfect. I love leather jackets too. I live in such a warm climate now in Vietnam I haven’t been able to were one in a while. I really miss it.

    • I am so jealous of your weather, it’s freezing here

  • Annette Yedlin

    Leather jackets always look great with anything you wear! when wearing black fashion you can add all the accessories you want and anything goes with it.

    • Exactly, I just love black and what you can get away with

  • You can dress anything up with black pants or leather jacket. They will never be out of style. And everyone of us must own a leather jacket in our wardrobe. Aside from fashion, we can also use this anytime of the year and of course for warming benefits.

    • So true and thanks so much Sarah

  • Claire

    Great tips and inspo! I definitely need to buy a new black leather jacket. It’s so versatile! Claire x

    • It sure is versatile

  • I am IN LOVE with that long grey coat in the first collage. You clearly have a lovely sense of style!

    • Aww thank ss so much Joel’s, much appreciated

  • Melanie Smith

    Black is always a great idea!! Most of my clothes are black and I love it! Your January favorites are awesome!

    • Thanks Melanie, Black is a staple colour for every closet

  • Loving all these outfit ideas and how to style it all

  • Emma Oxley

    I have a leather jacket and am never sure what to wear it with as I like to look put together but not like a biker. Thanks for the inspo, you have some great ideas!

    • Hahaha I love that “not like a biker”

  • Leather is definitely in these days and I love finding bargains at the Black Friday sale. Nice picks

    • Leather sure is, I am trying to avoid shopping but sometimes can’t resist

  • tara pittman

    I think the red nail polish would go great with a sexy black dress. My husband would like that

    • Oooh lol
      Yes it would, I have done it before

  • I do love it New Look and you definitely do rock that leather jacket. I love those black shoes.

    • Hahaha thanks so much

  • Great round-up. Love the ‘Embrace the Season’ outfit.

  • Love your eye for fashion & also graphics that are perfect for social media. You definitely showed that red & black are a perfect pair … nice!

    • Thanks so much I try to share my ootds and other related fashion posts

  • Great stuff! I like the leather jacket. And I’m all about black on black. I’ve done it before. I have never heard of sleeve wingz before.

    • I hadn’t heard either until the review and yes Black on Black never fails

  • What a great roundup! I love these style of blog posts as they can give you so much inspiration fashion wise!

    • It sure does, thanks so much for dropping by

  • Donna

    Love you’re January round up! Especially the sweater with the ❤️!!! Looking forward to more x

    • Glad to hear it and thanks for stopping by

  • Talya Stone

    January looking totally gorge – can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us for Feb!

    • Thanks Talya, January was awesome month