Autumn morning skincare routine

Autumn like winter tend to dry the skin that’s why it’s important to have an Autumn morning skincare routine. It can not just be any old routine you’ve used in the past, it has to be robust and protective. Though I rarely share beauty posts these days, I still have several types of routines I follow to care for my oily skin. Earlier in the year I shared the Benefits of having oily skin aka Seborrhoea with the biggest benefit being “oily protects you from wrinkles”. Of course you will get them just not at the same rate as other skin types though you need to put in some work too.

Autumn Morning Skincare Routine

Every season change I do one thing to my morning skincare routine, I assess the products and see if they are fit for purpose. It’s all well and good having a routine and great products but if the summer products ain’t protective in winter what’s the point? Products like cleansers and toners are normally fine to use the whole year round but serums and creams are another matter. The products I was using in my summer skincare routine are no longer fit for purpose for autumnal weather hence why I put together this autumn morning skincare routine. Same goes for the winter skincare routine, the products are similar to the autumn morning skincare routine but heavier.

Autumn Morning Skincare Routine – know your skin type!!

Before you decide to put together a morning skincare routine, you need to first know your skin type; oily, combination or dry. I have oily skin and not just the t-zone region on my face but the entire face, this was not a welcome revelation when I came into age. I hated my oily skin and thought that it was the bane of my existence but in truth it wasn’t and actually the best thing for my skin. Knowing that the oils my skin is producing are actually helpful and protective than damaging made me happy. When I visited Korea the first time I was shocked at how people applied oily products to keep the face ‘oily and young looking’. It was crazy but it just affirmed my belief and increased my love for my oily skin and now I take care of my oily skin daily.

Autumn Morning Skincare Routine

Autumn Morning Skincare Routine – know your products!! 

Once you know your skin type it’s time to research what products work best for your type of skin and what don’t. When I turned 16 I bought my first ever proactiv skincare starter pack, I didn’t have acne and never have but I wanted it. The proactiv I bought was from the USA and contained benzene components which then I wasn’t to fussed about. I just loved having a routine to maintain my face. The moving to the UK before my 17th birthday, I threw the routine outside the window until years later I rekindled my romance with proactiv.

I bought that starter kit and didn’t notice the difference in the main ingredient was salicylic acid. It wasn’t until a few months that I realised my face was dryer and pealing around the nose. I then realised that products with salicylic acid where not friendly for my skin and it wasn’t just proactiv I noticed this with, a few others too. Through trial and error I realised what didn’t work for me and what did. Thankfully you don’t need to do that anymore. There is much research now on which products are good for which skin type.

Autumn Morning Skincare Routine

Now that you know your skin type and which products work for you, let’s get down to the morning routine. My Autumn Morning Skincare Routine works because I researched for my skin type. Please remember to always do your research

Cleanse – every morning when taking my shower I cleanse my face with a selection of cleansers. I have noticed that cream cleansers are better for me than foam cleansers. Cream cleansers seem to tackle all the dirt and unclog pores. At the moment I am using the Nutrogena oil free acne wash cleanser pink grapefruit. It eliminates oil and dirt without over drying my skin.

Toner – if there is one step I never skip on my morning skincare routine is applying toner. It is something I have been doing for the last 3 years and my skin has thanked me for it. At the moment I am using the Korean toner with ginseng which I mentioned in my korean products list.

Treat – treating your skin is so important and I do that by applying serum. Again my serums that work for me normally contain; vitamin C and E, hyaluronic acid or ginseng. Whenever I am buying serums I always look at my must have ingredients before I buy.

Moisturize – it’s surprising to me that some people don’t moisturise their face daily. Your face is exposed to all the elements it’s important to moisture your skin and protect it. Even if I don’t follow the steps above because I am rushing, I always moisturise my face. As that’s the only defense that matters in the end.

Looking after your skin especially your skin should be top priority especially as the elements can cause damage your skin. I would also recommend exfoliating once to two times a month and if needed use eye cream before bed.