Europe in Autumn: 7 Best Places to Visit

Europe in autumn is one of the most beautiful sights to behold, it has such magnificent beauty. When it comes to the best places to visit in Europe this Autumn, I think my list wins. Obviously I am totally biased because it’s place I am either visiting, have visited or plan to visit. Regular readers know how much I love to travel and how traveling is a huge part of my life. Whenever I get a moment to myself I am always thinking of places I should visit and of late it’s been Local Adventures.

In my quest to be a local tourist I have found winter to be such an incredible time of year. The autumn foliage in different cities across the UK has been absolutely incredible to experience. I have seen countless pictures of what Europe in Autumn looks like and I want to experience it myself. When I started thinking about the best places one can enjoy autumn, the following 7 places stood out to me. As I have mentioned already, I have either visited or will be visiting the places in the near future.

Europe in Autumn: 7 Best Places to Visit

Iceland – Northern Lights or Snow

I know you’re thinking why would I recommend Iceland for autumn visit? Well it is simple really, no one visits Iceland for its weather but its varied wildlife and nature. I was reading an article on the best time to visit Iceland and I think autumn is the best for me.

Europe in Autumn

Rome, Italy 

Because I am totally biased I included Rome my dream destination because I am finally visiting it this weekend. There is so much I want to see but scared to create a list so I can focus on enjoying it than ticking items off. Though summer might seem like the best time to visit I disagree, yes weather is better but that’s it. During autumn you get to truly experience the city because there are less tourists and you can truly take you time.

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Valencia, Spain

Spain has so many amazing destinations to explore especially Barcelona which I visited only last month. Unlike most of my trips, my visit to Barcelona was longer but was more relaxed than exploring and touring the city. Visiting Barcelona in autumn when the weather was just perfect was exactly what I needed. I had a lovely time walking from one attraction to the next enjoying the scenery. Check out Holiday Gems who has some perfect deals if you’re looking to escape to Spain this autumn.

Ljubljana, Slovenia 

It’s weird to think I have been to Slovenia twice already and still yearning to visit it again. Ljubljana marked the start of my #take12trips travel challenge and forever hold a special place in my heart. I initially visited in Winter, then again in Summer but now I think Autumn would be awesome.

Europe in Autumn

Frankfurt, Germany 

I have another confession to make, Frankfurt is my next trip after Rome and I know it will be perfect. Seeing all the pictures of those who live their or those visiting has convinced me it is perfect in autumn too. I know people always ask how I find the money to travel so often and every month. It’s often not because I am loaded but I use sites like Skyscanner to find good deals.

Prague, Czech Republic 

Another city that stole my heart the first time I went so much that I am going back in January of 2018. Prague is everything and more of what you see and hear stories about. It is a beautiful city but I felt some parts were overly exaggerated. But I still love it, it has so much charm and charisma that I can not wait to visit again.

Basel, Switzerland 

Though Switzerland is one of the most expensive country in Europe, it has the cutest cities ever. Having visited Lucerne and Basel I knew I have to go back and explore some more of that incredible city.

Autumn is such an amazing time to travel and touring Europe in Autumn is even more so. I found it is mostly cheaper and less crowded compared to Summer and even Spring.


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