What to Pack for Winter in Prague

What does one pack for winter in Prague or anywhere in Europe for that matter? Whenever you’re planning a trip to a cold destination, what do you often think to pack? What are some of your essential items to pack on your winter city escapes?

For me personally I put together a ‘Winter Fashion Capsule‘ of items I know I will need. It’s not that hard putting together essential items to pack during the winter months. We know we need something light and something warm, especially when you’re traveling. I am currently in Prague, staying at the lovely Czech Inn and busy exploring the city. It is cold but not extremely like when I first visited in 2016 when it was thick snow for the duration of our visit.

What to Pack for Winter in Prague

So what items did I pack for winter in Prague? If you read last week’s post on what to pack for a winter city escape then you know. I rarely deviate from what works for me and this is no different, I have packed my essentials.


What to pack for winter in Prague
I knew when planning my trip to Prague that the temperatures would be below 10 degrees. Thankfully there has been no focus for snow but just in case it does change, I am ready. The packing list contains items enough for a 4-day trip to Prague.
Over the years I have learnt to pack light, people ask me how I manage to travel with carry on only. It is not something I picked up overnight but after a couple of trips, I learnt what was essential and what wasn’t. One thing I have never wavered on is carrying a coat regardless of the weather. Because of that, I always have a warmer outwear wherever I go around the world.

Essential items to Pack for Winter in Prague

I believe in planning ahead of time, researching the destination before departure. Knowing what I should expect upon my arrival and what will keep me warm whilst there. This essential items to pack for winter in Prague is based on my personal experience, yours might be different.

Outwear wear: Coats and Jumpers

As I said already, I never waiver on ensuring I have packed warmer outwear regardless of destination. Whilst my destination might be warm, the UK rarely is, therefore I pack warmer outwear. For this trip I have packed 1 coat and 2 jumpers.

Inner wear: Thermals or tights

I dislike being cold, I am a sucker for warmer conditions and my home is practically a sauna. Everyone complains because of how hot it is but it is my home, my sanctuary and I keep it how I like. On this occasion I have packed my 2-in-1 thermal tights which have been God sent. The weather has dropped, feeling a tab bit colder than a few days ago.

Footwear: Boots or Trainers

Because last time I came it was showing so badly I opted to pack knee high boots instead of trainers. The boots have protected my feet and legs from the blasting cold Prague is experiencing. I have seen plenty of people wearing trainers with thermal socks and I think that works too.

Accessories: Gloves, Scarf and hat

Whenever the weather gets cooler, I whip out my gloves and beanie and they become part of my essentials. Scarves are an all year round accessory and I just change the thickness of them dependent of the weather. Right now I am walking around with my scarf blanket which is absolutely warm and snugly.

Other items to take!

Because I won’t always be in the cold, it is important to pack some basics as well, like a tank top. Staying at Czech Inn I have the luxury of sitting in the common rooms or cafe and flip flops are better than boots.

  • Farrah Less Gomez

    I love your selections of winter clothes. I am more of the comfy side then the stylish one. Everything in this list suits my taste that;s for sure.

  • chubskulit

    Love that yellow top and the coat! I have a similar boots like that. I just need a ticket to Prague hehehe.

  • I love those high-tops! I would like to visit Prague one day. Going to put it on my bucket list.

  • Anosa Malanga VA

    Indeed such must-haves during winter. I love wearing scarfs and layering it instead of just wearing one thick sweater. I love the coat and the boots too!

  • It sounds about the same as Northern Colorado. You’ll definitely need layers. Maybe one day I’ll make it to Prague.

  • Amanda

    I love absolutely all of the things you picked. Living in Chicago, I know a thing or two about stylish winter clothes. Those leggings and thick sweaters are my favorite picks!

  • Pam W

    Thermal tights are always a must have for winter travel. And you can never forget your gloves.

  • I use a packing list every time I leave home with or without my kids. Dressing approapriately for the weather is essential.

  • What a great list of must packs for Prague, sometimes it is hard to know what you should pack when it going away as you aren’t sure quite what the weather will be.

  • Heather

    I have always wanted to go to Prague. I love your choices!

  • valmg

    I don’t travel to a colder climate during the winter. If I were going here I’d have to have sweaters, as well as the hat, gloves and some boots like you mentioned.

  • Marcie W.

    Excellent suggestions! I always try to pack layered outfits that can easily be pieced together based on the weather. This way, colder temperatures simply mean an added layer or two!

  • Marcie W.

    Excellent suggestions! I always try to pack layered outfits that can easily be pieced together based on the weather. This way, colder temperatures simply means an added layer or two!

  • Sarah Honey

    These are all great ideas. Love the boots!

  • I love these sweaters. I tend to wear a lot of those when it gets chilly out. Plus I always bring a jacket.

  • Jenny Austin Finney

    I love that cream colored sweater with the sleeves! I hate cold weather, but a lot of these are in my winter wardrobe!

  • Candy Kage

    Not a problem I have this list all covered. Might need to buy couple new really cute sweaters just because.