Bucketlist in Review ~ Travel Edit four


Two years ago I put together a bucketlist of 15 places I wanted to visit and 15 things I wanted to do. This added up to 30 items on my list for before I turned 30 but then I changed it up. I decided to visit 30 countries before thirty which I completed before July 7, the day of my 30th birthday. Recently I realised after completing my 30 countries before thirty I kind of forgot about this bucketlist. Though not completely because it is part of my 17 places to visit in 2017 but still I had. Today I thought I give you an update on this bucketlist and shared travel edit four and next it will be life edit.

TRAVEL EDIT Four: Where I have been!! 

Over 6 months ago I had done 7 countries off my list and I had 8 places to go. It’s crazy to think how much I have already accomplished in my 30 years on planet earth. I am scared but also excited to see what else I can do whilst still young. Let’s review how many countries or places I have managed to add to my ever-growing list.


With just a little over 3 months left I am eager to see what I can accomplish. As I always mention in my monthly and yearly goals, if you don’t accomplish something move it to next month. Keep moving your goal to the next month until you accomplish it but always use different strategy. So in the last 18+ months I have visited:

These are some of the places that I don’t yet have specific dates on but excited to book one day. I would love to visit all these before end of the year but it wont be the end if I don’t.

  • Athens, Greece
  • Rome, Italy {searching for November flights}
  • Cornwall, England
  • Stonehenge, England 
  • Lake District, England

I am excited with how far I have come and the places I have been fortunate enough to visit. As I mentioned in my local tourist post I will be doing more inland travels and excited to do the last 3 on my list.

How you doing with your bucketlist so far?