January 2016 sponsors 

January 2016 sponsors, thank you for supporting my blog and for working with me. I am so grateful and hope to work with you all again.

Thank you sponsors

January like December is always a busy month, a month dedicated to new year’s resolutions, goals, new life choices & changes and also known as a month of trying something new. Those who know me or have been readers of this blog for a while will know I am anti-resolution but a huge believer in goals. Every month I set goals I want to accomplish and if I don’t no worries I move the goals to the next month. Part of my blog goals for this year is to improve blog sponsorship and January has started off great.

Without further adieu

From Dream To Reality ~ Something that has become the norm in the blogging world is only sharing the good bits of everything posted online but excluding the reality, travel blogging is no different. It has been reported lately in the news that people are giving up on their day-to-day lives and opting for going traveling and exploring the world, what most of these bloggers are neglecting to do is sharing the hardships of travel blogging and this post shared a post by a company who shared the not so glam world of travel blogging. Successful bloggers also know it is important to have the right insurance for all the traveling.

from dream to reality

Valentines Weekend ~ As we enter the month of Love, we shared some ideas of how you can spend the Valentine’s weekend with your partner or family. I love planning our Valentine’s Day even if we are not doing anything it’s just nice to put ideas together.

Valentine's weekend

Beauty Review ~ Throughout the month I was fortunate enough to work with ASDM Beverly Hills an American company. I reviewed the Tempez face cream, the Hyaluronic Acid Serum and the Vitamin C Serum. Having the right product can help you maintain your face and prevent blackheads, pimples and even wrinkles.

Tips to renew your bathroom was a collaboration with Click Basin that we shared with you in January, I called upon my sister in law’s expertise to help me write this post and share with you some of her tips when renewing or when you’re thinking of renewing your bathroom. tips to renew your bathroom

Sixteen Destinations for 2016 ~ It is no secret how much I want to travel this year and how much I have already booked/planned so this collaboration with Flight center UK came at the right time (better yet right year). I was able to share with you 16 destinations that I am hoping to visit this year (hopefully) and possibly extend it until next year.

My sister-in-law and my brother have put there home on sale last year so when this opportunity came about to share our thoughts on house evaluations and getting the best price for your home, we thought we share with you some of our tips. get the best price

Have you ever wanted to go on an awesome camping trip in Australia, we collaborated with motorhomes to give you different ideas on how you can experience awesome camping in Australia off the forbidden path, I for one know I definitely want to at least do it once.

Awesome camping trips in australia

Thank you so much to all my sponsors, to potential sponsors you’re most welcome. January has been such a great month I am very excited to see what February has in store for me and this blog.