{Featured Brand} House of Fraser

House of Fraser is one of the major brands that has featured on A July Dreamer. In 2016 I have been fortunate to work with various PR contacts with House of Fraser as a client. I remember the first time I received an email to collaborate and feature the brand on my site. Humbled and exhilarated does not even begin to cover the emotions I felt {& still do}.

For a long time I figured big brands only contacted you if you had a ridiculous following. I thought your viewership has to be out of this world to even be thought of as potential advertising avenue. {True in most respects good following and viewership is an attractive option for advertisers}. Yes my blog was at a certain level in terms of following (under 5k combined) and views were just over 4-7k per month. Somehow all of this was enough for the brand and the PRs to collaborate. Since then my blog has grown in following and viewership and I couldn’t be more proud.

House of Fraser

House of Fraser {HoF} on A July Dreamer {AJD}

Having an opportunity to work with such a big brand was so surreal for me that I still pinch myself. Though it was not directly with the brand but via PR it’s still a big deal I think. As a blogger you sometimes get opportunities you never in your wildest dreams dreamed of and then it happens. Its always such an amazing experience, one that has you jumping up and down like a kid. An excited and happy kid full on candy that is.

As mentioned, House of Fraser has featured quite a number of times on the blog. Here is a run down of the months and the posts I shared for the collaborations.

February 2016 HoF on AJD

A while back I had put together a wish list of items I wanted to get from HoF. Wishlist granted came in February totally unexpected and I knew exactly what I wanted. I got offered a budget to pick {a} favourite dress(s) of my choosing and I picked three. I still wear two of the dresses and the third needs a party to be showcased off again.



March 2016 HoF on AJD

A month after my wishlist got granted I had not one but two opportunities to collaborate with the brand. First, I shared how to incorporate a clutch bag into your outfit in clutch your outfit. Secondly, I had an opportunity to collaborate on the children’s clothing range. I shared my nephew Leon’s Style, his mum chose the Levi Jeans and I mentioned what I would have picked. By this time I was already pumped and grateful to have worked with them two months in a roll.

April 2016 HoF on AJD

When spring came along it was time to share my Spring cleaning home edition. We all have particulars of how we spring clean and what items we use to decorate our homes. Sharing the HoF bathroom range was a wonderful experience and gave me loads of ideas.

impress your date

July 2016 HoF on AJD

July is a very special month for me as I celebrate two important occasions. My birthday and my blogaversary so imagine my surprise when HoF PR, sent Birthday Presents to help me celebrate. As if that wasn’t enough I had a chance to create an outfit to Impress your date

September 2016 HoF on AJD

In August I got another chance to collaborate but unfortunately I was traveling so I decided to Sparkle into September. Originally I was going to wear the dress to a friends bridal shower but it turned out it was a good thing it was delayed. Apparently you’re not meant to upstage the bride which I honestly would have had I worn the dress. But not to worry I have it ready for Christmas party as the sparkle and bling is perfect for this time of year.


December 2016 HoF on AJD

This collaboration would have been either end of October or mid November but ended up in December. As you know from my Recent Fashion Additions post, I had recently purchased two pairs of ankle boots which I am besotted with. It wouldn’t have been fair to add in a third (though welcome), it would have needed its own month.


Finally, when I shared Winter Fashion Basics, it was such a huge hit with y’all and I was very happy. When I put outfits together whether via collaboration or not I put myself in them. I love sharing what ideas I am playing with in my mind. As I have said before, majority of outfit ideas I share I have either tried them myself and nailed it. Some of the ideas have shared might not have worked for me but I hope they work for someone else.

It has been such an honour to have had these opportunities to collaborate with such an amazing brand. I am excited to see what 2017 looks like as I look to continue current relations and develop new ones.