2017 Travel Bucketlist in Review

2017 is coming to an end and it’s time to put the 2017 Travel Bucketlist in Review of the progress. Instead of writing another Bucketlist in Review and Visit 17 places in 2017, I decided to merge them. Hence 2017 Travel Bucketlist in Review was born and I am super excited to share the progress.

If I could describe 2017 in a few words I would say, ‘humbling embrace‘, even when things were tough. When 2017 started, I chose one word to guide me through the year and that was ‘embrace‘. Everything I went through in my life I embraced it, some where great and others not so good. I chose to embrace life come what may and thanking the big man above for it all.

2017 Travel Bucketlist in Review

In 2015 I had decided to create a bucketlist of places I wanted to visit before I turned 30 years old.  I am glad to report I managed to visit 30 countries before I turned 30 on July 7. Throughout 2016 I traveled every single month to tick items off my list as I went along. This was all part of my #take12trips travel challenge I signed myself up from end of 2015. It wasn’t easy physically nor financially but I made it through and I couldn’t be happier. A year later I decided to slow down with my travels and did a mixture of Home and Abroad trips.

Whilst I was working through my bucketlist, I decided to add another one, visit 17 places in 2017. Crazy I know but I didn’t stop there, no not me! I decided to also do the 30 before thirty bucketlist. But in all my craziness, there was some logic to it trust me. I figured I would be completing the 30 before 30 bucketlist so I needed another bucketlist to follow. Eh-go I ended up with three before my thirtieth but I am never one to back down from a challenge. And before I knew it, I had completed one challenge and have two to go.

2017 Travel Bucketlist in Review: How I did

I can not believe I am sharing this update of two bucketlist merged into one. Each and every single one of these places has left an imprint into my soul. Traveling truly does open one’s mind to what is out there and it is so much better than on TV. I am sure you’ve already seen all the places I have been to so far so I will only share 2017 travels

  • Bath, It is such a beautiful city, we were able to see the Roman Baths, the Abbey and many more places. I highly recommend this Victorian city, a must see for sure.
  • Bali, as 2017 was and is a momentous year for me I felt it was important to celebrate in style. I booked myself a 10-day break to Bali and had the most amazing time ever.
  • Berlin, I enjoyed visiting all the must see places including the remains of the Berlin wall.
  • Bucharest, an underrated city which is a must see and I can not wait to go back.
  • Budapest, it was a last-minute decision but a wise one for sure. I saw all the wonderful places.
  • Cyprus, There is so much to see in Cyprus but also be ready some parts are no longer as beautiful.
  • Stockholm, one of the most expensive places to visit but it was definitely worth it.
  • ParisI am  fortunate to have traveled for the 3rd time to Paris due to work. Then later in the year I visited again for a wedding.
  • Barcelonait’s good to have friends who have friends. I stayed at a friend’s friend’s home in the centre of the old time and it was perfect.
  • Rome, I am still in awe of this city and excited to go back again to explore further. It is such a magnificent city one that you need more than a day to visit.

2017 travel bucketlist

In between all of these travels I was able to visit other places which were not part of my bucketlist. Birmingham, Bristol, Lusaka, Basel & Lucern in Switzerland, Doha, Dubai {on my actual birthday}, Frankfurt and Mainz. Not forgetting all the travels I did within the UK which are part of my local adventures.

Places I am yet to visit and moving to the next bucketlist

Am I sad that I did not complete my merged bucketlists? Honestly, no I am not, because I am a strong believer in if I don’t succeed the first time I try again. For me trying again is moving it to the next travel bucketlist until I manage to visit them all.

  • Athens, Greece
  • Cornwall, England
  • Stonehenge, England 
  • Lake District, England
  • Cork, Ireland
  • Helsinki, Filand
  • Hawaii, USA


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  1. December 29, 2017 / 3:34 am

    I’m excited to start my bucket list 2018! I have some awesome locations to explore. You’ve officially inspired me 🙂

  2. Amanda
    December 29, 2017 / 2:50 am

    I’m so jealous and in awe of your 2017 Travel Bucket List. I made it to California for the first time, which was very exciting, but nowhere near as exciting locations as you!

  3. BohemianBabushka
    December 28, 2017 / 11:43 pm

    Of all those beautys shared, “thanking the Big Man” was the most beautiful of all. May he continue to bless you, and above all, may you continue to be thankful and aware. BB2U

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