{Monthly Roundup} August 2017 Sponsors #thankyou

August 2017 Sponsors is the eighth installment of the monthly roundup, I want to thank ALL the incredible sponsors. I especially want to thank my amazing readers who time and again come back to support A July Dreamer. I am always amazed at how fortunate I am to have brands and companies want to collaborate. Starting out four years ago, I did not think I would be where I am today. This hobby has now turned into a small business which supports me every now and again. 

{Monthly Roundup} August 2017 Sponsors

A July Dreamer sponsors can be via content provision, product reviews and sponsored post. For the August 2017 Sponsors, I will breakdown the sponsors into different categories. And for potential Sponsors who wish to collaborate, please review the ‘Work with Me‘ page for more information.


August 2017 Sponsors ~ #Travel Related

Regular readers know how much I love to travel and collaborating with travel brands is ultimate high. Having accomplished my 30 Countries Before Thirty travel challenge I was open to ideas of what I can do next. When Flight Centre reached out with their new Travel Name Game I knew it would be fun. And whilst the ideas the game has offered me are awesome I think James Villa has some sweet deals. Visiting Spain again would be awesome especially spending a day in Barcelona then Costa Dorada.

Speaking of traveling somewhere again, going back home to Zambia is also on the cards. I was ecstatic to share this content on tips on Do’s and Don’ts when visiting Africa. Whilst it’s a great article I feel I should remind people that Africa is a CONTINENT not a COUNTRY. It irritates me when people say they are from Africa, just say where exactly in Africa.

autumn fashion 2017

August 2017 Sponsors #Fashion Related

Autumn is on its way and I thought why not start sharing some ideas on must have items. For the UK, summer normally lasts a day max a week and we go stock crazy and this year was no different. But because of the nature of the British weather, we’re never truly out of Autumn so we keep our woolies ready.

Last month I introduced my regular readers to Kinzd – Hong Kong based business catering to men’s fashion. Recently they started making products for women’s fashion and I was lucky to review a some items. This month I was sent two men’s leather belts which my brother and father are both very happy with. Dad is impressed by the quality and the fact that he doesn’t need holds to adjust the belt. If you wish to learn more about the company or buy some items then click on the banner in the side bar. –>

rented apartment

Home Related Sponsors

With back to school nearly here, I was happy to share with y’all my Home office wishlist. As I mentioned in the post, I need to replace my desk and Oak Furniture has good ones. I also need to replace my chair as my back and butt are suffering for sitting on this for too long. It’s crazy to think having a good chair can change how productive one is throughout the day.

Speaking of change, earlier in the month I had shared 7 ways to decorated a rent apartment. I myself am renting my current apartment and though limited to what changes I can make I have given some times. But I also mentioned how under normal circumstances I would have preferred an already furnished apartment. There are many companies on the market that offer furnished apartments.

back-to-school items should have

Lifestyle Related August 2017 Sponsors

A July Dreamer is also a Lifestyle blog offering a various of tops but all with a common theme –  interests me. For those who don’t know I have a nephew who is starting school this September. Therefore was happy to collaborate with a brand that provides safe soft surface material for playgrounds. As back to school is in full swing, we need to think about playground safety and not just stranger danger. No parent wants to learn that their child’s school play area is made from dangerous materials.

Moving on to my readers who are trying to lose the last few pounds on the scale. During the summer break, some of us got a little carried away with our portions and snacks. Whilst I have never really been strict on what I eat, I have been trying to lose 2 stones. It has not been easy, I go to the gym 2-3 times a week but I haven’t changed my eating habits.

On a totally unrelated topic, when I am not working I like to schedule some me-time during the day. Sometimes I am so busy that I can only manage one day a week for some me time. When I have that me time, I love to indulge into my guilty pleasures of which they are plenty. Though I don’t often play online games, it’s good to know that there is a company dedicated to reviewing online bingo sites.

Speaking of online games, it pays to have good internet connection wherever you are. I already confessed that I am a Social Media Addict because of blogging and work. Those who know me know I am often glued to my devices so having the right provider helps.

Product Reviews Related Sponsors

Last month Etern’l reached out to me to see if I could review their shampoo and serum. I was delighted because whilst I suck at hair maintenance, hair loss is a big concern of mine. Over two years ago I started losing hair in the middle of my head and still have no idea why. Though it is slowly growing back it’s quite a stressful thing for a woman to experience. Thanks to Etern’l plus other products in my arsenal my hair looks to be on the up and growing. Etern’l didn’t end the generosity there, no they also are giving 1 shampoo and 1 serum to ONE A July Dreamer Reader. The giveaway is still open {for the UK/Europe only} and you can enter HERE.

This month we also had a chance to try out the new Afternoon tea menu at Chi Kitchen in London. This was not your typical traditional afternoon tea but one with an Asian twist. As it was my sister’s birthday we went out to London and made a day out of it. Can I just say, wow I am so impressed by the menu and will definitely be back for more.

And there you have it, the incredible and amazing sponsors I collaborated with in August 2017. All thanks to the awesome readers who time and again check out this small part of the internet world.